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Kronk Dunny Tree Hugger Toy Design


WRITTEN BY Patrick Carter
CATEGORIES: Illustration

South African toy designer and illustrator KRONK released his 8″ Dunny debut last week, and it appears to have been a smashing success.

Kidrobot’s hype machine does it again, with secret releases and super-hot chase and AWOL edition, making for frantic online store refreshing, and quick sell outs across Kidrobot.com and independent retailers alike. KRONK released a 3″ Gingerman Dunny back in December of 2007, and it remains one of my favorite designs of all time. After reviewing some of KRONK’s work on flickr. I expect to see great things from this 27 year old illustrator in the future.

Here’s what Kidrobot says about the toy design release: Discover nature’s sinister side with South African illustrator Kronk’s Tree Huggr Dunny. Only 1000 made; 1 in 12 are super light, ultra-rare and answer to the name Snowflake. Includes an ice cream cone accessory. Kidrobot loves Kronk: Check out hisonline artist profile!