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Rat Town Jiu Jitsu: A Brand Rooted in Local History and Tradition

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The Rat Town focus is on technique and strategy, but also with an emphasis on community and fun.

Rat Town Jiu Jitsu (@rat_town_jiujitsu), founded by brothers James and Christian Buttner (@jiu_james, @christianbuttner), is rooted in the history and tradition of Atlantic Beach, or “Rat Town” as it is affectionately referred to by locals. The Rat Town name is also connected to the punk rock, skating, and surfing culture – all staples of the beaches community it’s so closely tied to. Jiu jitsu, like these interests and activities, is a non-traditional pursuit that requires discipline and creativity. Rat Town channels this by educating students on proper technique the cultural and historical significance of jiu-jitsu.

Their commitment to the community that inspired them sets this academy apart from others by training many firefighters, veterans, and other first responders, making it a significant asset to the Beaches community. Rat Town has created a space that is inclusive and welcoming to everyone, regardless of their skill level or background. This unique approach has attracted a diverse group of practitioners, from punk rockers to surfers to parents and kids in a laid back and welcoming atmosphere. The Rat Town focus is on technique and strategy, but also with an emphasis on community and fun.


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