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Design Interview – VOID Magazine

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A BIG thank you goes out to Void Magazine for the artist profile feature on PCD in the January 2012 issue.

VOID is quickly becoming the finest local reading material in our North East Florida area. The well designed, fully glossy action sports based magazine has certainly raised the bar for local publications. While the roots of the magazine are in Surfing, they also have a robust offering of other subjects that compliment the active lifestyle in the Jacksonville and Beaches areas. Monthly write ups include music reviews, artist profiles, skateboarding and surfing how-to segments, local fishing recaps, environmental considerations, health, photography, biking, gift guides and of course no one can complain about the monthly centerfolds. Don’t forget to pick one up at your favorite local business and make it a monthly habit. If you don’t live around here you can subscribe for cheap too.

Patrick Carter Featured in Void Magazine

The spread includes several fun and less commercial graphic design, illustration, typography and art projects including self promotional work, gig and rock posters, toy and sculpture design, t-shirts, skate decks and more. In addition to art the spread also includes a brief write up about Patrick Carter Design including history, influences and inspiration. In an effort to get as much art in as possible, the write up was edited down a bit (which was awesome because the layout looked killer and who wants to read me babbling anyways?). But just for the hell of it (and to add some girth to the blog post), here is the raw unedited version of the interview below:

1. What inspires you to create?

Inspiration comes in many forms, such as art and design books, posters, blogs and most of all other designers and artists. When I see other folks doing great work in the different fields, whether it be design for print, web, illustration, photography, drawing, painting, or whatever the case might be I get inspired to take a crack at it and make something cool too.

2. Biggest influence?

My first exposure to visual design was surf magazine layout and advertisements. I would flip through and think, “Man that looks killer!” and I started trying to figure out how I could do something like that for a living. My biggest direct influences now are other designers and illustrators. There is so much talent out there and it is interesting to see what approach they take. I have different influences for different things. For example a couple of my biggest local influences for illustration are poster masterminds Halftone Def Studios and Jason Harms of Livewire Tattoo. I have also been following Oregon designer Aaron Draplin of Draplin Design Co. for quite a while. In terms of business and an all around design mentor, Kurtis Loftus has influenced me a ton. The time I spent with his group taught me the hands on skills I needed to run a design studio.

3. Goals and ambitions?

My life-long goal has been to have my own company doing what I love. I was lucky enough to have that become a reality full-time in July of 2010, so I’m still just soaking it in, working hard and enjoying the hustle. A new goal is having a satellite office in Costa Rica where I can work 4-6 weeks a year. I have already found the place and everything, now it is just a matter of pulling the trigger and working out any hurdles like phone and internet connection issues.

I can’t say thanks enough to Tye, Aaron and Kayla over at VOID for considering the work of PCD for the magazine. The publication is an awesome thing for our North Florida community and continues to “fill the void” more and more with every issue. It seems to have been a huge success so far with the community rallying around in support of the magazine so I’m looking forward to seeing many more action packed issues for years to come.

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