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Custom Toy Art Illustration

Bobby the Robot Toy Design Show Submission


WRITTEN BY Patrick Carter
CATEGORIES: Design Events Illustration

I couldn’t possibly have been more excited than I was in anticipation of the AIGA Jacksonville Designers in Toyland toy design show this past December.

I love to collect designer vinyl toys and customize them as well so I spent about 50 hours painting a Monster Hunter from Tyler Coey. I was really excited to work on it and even more so to show it as I really enjoyed how it came out. So I put the LAST coat of clear on it, left it on the back porch to dry over night and went to bed. What’s the worst that could happen? My 10 month old boxer, Dexter got a hold of it and chewed it to shreds. Needless to say I was S.O.L on having anything for the big show that night. Luckily I was able to take a good picture of it the day before, and I printed and mounted it bearing the phrase “My dog ate my homework.” I was pretty upset about it, but ultimately it made for a great conversation piece. Tyler alerted John a.k.a Spanky Stokes at his tiy design blog spankystokes.com and he wrote up a story on it too. Check out his blog, he’s got the one-and-only pic of it eaten up.

Thanks everyone for the support. Made the death in the family much easier!