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Studio Spear

On occasion, Patrick Carter Design offers creative direction services for graphic design studios, design firms and advertising agencies. These projects are a perfect example of such a scenario. We are thrilled to team up with food and beverage powerhouse Studio Spear to create a new brand, packaging, print ad designs, website and more.

Here is a bit about the studio from their website:

“Studio Spear’s unwavering goal is to help you increase sales, enhance corporate value and contribute to your organization’s overall financial well being. We do this through comprehensive research, objective observations, astute evaluations and well conceived marketing strategies. Studio Spear’s award winning marketing strategies have allowed our clients to record significant increases in sales and organizational growth, year after year.”

The results of our collaboration are well planned brands that pay close attention to every facet of the market. Studio Spear leverages their decades of experience in the food and beverage category allowing us to do a very effective job with the visual branding. Below are some examples of the work we created.

Brand Extension and Package Design

Logo Design, Brand Development and Package Design

We welcome the opportunity to work on projects such as this: fun, fresh, flavorful and exciting! Having personally enjoyed the product, we can vouch for the quality and flavor. It is always more enjoyable designing for a product or service that you truly believe in. This product was developed and manufactured in Maryland, in the heart of crab country. The logo introduces a fun and approachable crab with a touch of contemporary class. The award winning mix is wrapped in a host of graphic elements that compliment each other and features a mouthwatering close up of a delicious crab cake. The package is finished off with a custom created seal that boasts the prestigious win of the Chesapeake Bay Crab Cake Cook Off. We like to put ourselves in the position of the consumer for situations like this, and if we were in supermarket looking for crab cake mix, we’d buy it!

Food and Beverage Package Design

Food and Beverage Package Design - Product Photo

Print Advertisement Design

These print ad designs give an opportunity to extend the brand, create awareness and more fully explain the product to very targeted markets. Being placed in trade publications, these early ads focus on the food service industry.

Food and Beverage Print Advertisement Design

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